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Academic + Professional Portfolios

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MA Biodesign, Central Saint Martins

Fern i, Biodivurbanization//FoF

ferns, perfume,terrarium, biodesign, scent


MA Biodesign, Central Saint Martins

Project Portfolio, Biodivurbanization//FoF

Architectural Design, urban design, industrial design, graphic design, interior design


Various Employers

Design Work Samples

Biodesign, microscopy


MA Biodesign, Central Saint Martins

Unit 1: Seed

Material Design, architectural portfolio


B Architecture, University of Southern California

Select Projects

African Penguin, Pheniscus demersus, Endangered Species, Bird, Betty's Bay, Western Cape, South Africa


Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London


Master of Arts Biodesign, with Distinction

University of Southern California


Bachelor of Architecture

Graduating with the second cohort of the Master's program, Isaac learned foundational biological research + development skills while enhancing his design practice via technological and industrial techniques. His final project involved extensive pteridological research, fostering the development of sensory experiences between non-humans + humans, and biology/ecology + urbanization.

During the final year of a five year Bachelor's program, Isaac completed his written and design thesis by analyzing the social impacts of virtual + digital technologies on urbanization. Rekindling a passion for natural sciences, in the fourth year of his studies (2010) he began researching the speculative topic "buildings as living-organism."

Curriculum Vitae

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