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Biodivurbanization //
FoF [Ferns of Futures]

Urban Pteridological Sensory Experiences + Stewardship

For 360 million years ferns continue to transcend time. Vessels of evolution, how can fostering stewardship with indigenous ferns encourage healthier endemic urban biodiversity?


The first exploratory installment of biodiversity’s relationship to the urbansphere, i.e. ‘biodivurbanization’. Sensory experiences catalyze cognitive connections between UK urbanites and indigenous ferns on an evolutionary timescale. Ferns have survived three mass extinction. What can we learn through their persistence and resilience?

As urbanscapes expand multi-dimensionally in a speeding digitized global metropolis, urbanites not only lose sense of self, but also their endemic biomes. Before the current sixth mass extinction (Holocene) and agricultural civilization reached the British Isles 6,000 years ago, tribes of people existed as hunter-gatherers. Sourcing sustenance from nature, humans played beneficial roles to planetary biological systems. Navigating the forest requires deep sensory awareness. Conversely, in today’s technological world we have evolved to primarily engage visually.


Distinct fern scents help UK urbanites build memory retention with present indigenous, past prehistoric, and future genetically modified ferns. Three scent vessels explore the biomorphologies of ferns and restoring ecological balance by sourcing materials from agricultural byproducts and remediated invasive species biomass.

Past: FF//
First Ferns

Flat Wrack // Fucus spiralis

-Ancest Bryophyte

Grey-Cushioned Moss // Grimmia pulvinata 

-Ancest Pteridophyte

Royal Fern // Osmunda regalis

-Genus Osmunda Evolved 180 Million Years Ago (Quantrell, 2021)
-Specimens Recorded Age Over Century (Merryweather, 2020)

Vessel Identity

-Scents Representative of Fern Evolution Narrative
-Personal Usage on Bodily Pressure Points
-Material: Milk Casein+Ochre, Rhododendron Paper, Silicon
-Wearable Around Arms/Upper Torso + Waist/Legs
-Secondary Use: Spore Propagation of 66 Indigenous Fern Species

Future: FEE//
Fern Evolved Eventuality

Lemon-Scented Fern // Oreopteris limbosperma

-Pinnule Glands Contain Citrus Essential Oil (Merryweather, 2020)
-Is There a Trait Advantage Evolving in This Genus?

Lavender Polypody // x Polypolavandula (Polypodium x Lavandula)

Apple Blossom Polypody // x Polypomalus (Polypodium x Malus)

-Family Polypodiaceae Evolved Cenozoic Radiation Events (Liu, 2021)
-One of Most Species Diverse Extant Fern Genus (Liu, 2021)
-Speculative Future Species

Vessel Identity

-GMO Assistance in Galactic Terraforming, Are Ferns from Earth?
-Scented Sanitary Alcohol Gel for Personal+Scientific Sterilization
-Material: Bioplastic+Water Fern
-Wearable on Waist, Collar, Head
-Secondary Use: Gametophyte Culture Growth

Present: CMF//
Common [Male] Fern

Common Male Fern // Dryopteris filix-mas

-Widespread Throughout UK Every 10 km  (Merryweather, 2020)
-Thrives in Urban+Natural Settings (Merryweather, 2020)
-Hardy; Survives Dry Conditions (Merryweather, 2020)


Vessel Identity

-Most Populous Fern in UK
-Room Fragrance, Sustainable Alginate Fragrance Beads
-Material: Bioresin+Water Fern, Milk Casein+Ochre
-Wearable on Bag Shoulder-Strap + Pants Belt-Loop
-Secondary Use: Urban Terrarium for Sporophyte Cultivation


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