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Osa Peninsula

Nature Photography

Whilst being rinsed during graduate research in the British Celtic Rainforest, I decided to take a wee break from the temperate torrential downpours to experience some tropical monsoons. Booked on miles, I chose a place known for 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity in 0.001% of the planet’s land, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Trekking 12 miles through the Corcovado National Park within the most diverse slice of the Chocó-Darién Rainforest, a guide led several random tagalongs and myself through concurrent rainstorms. I was very proud to once again, by my own accord, find myself in a tropical rainforest during “the wet season.” Unfortunately, my non-waterproof iPhone perished on the journey; however, I survived wading across a crocodile and bull shark infested tidal river mouth, an unadvertised bonus obstacle on the trek. The few pictures I snapped before the humidity consumed my camera are collected here.

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